Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiation is an additional service that you may require when planning your event, it is particularly vital when you are booking your venue as generally that will be the backbone of your event and usually the most expensive aspect. We include contract negotiation in our full event management service as we think both parties need to be happy when signing a contract, but even if you are using our free venue finding service we can provide you with the support that you will need to make sure the contract negotiation is satisfactory for both parties.

The team at Autograph Events are well versed in negotiation, and some of our key personnel have been on specific contract negotiation courses, covering all aspects of event contracts. Having been managing events for many years we have the confidence to not be intimidated by the negotiation process, it isn’t personal, it is about us getting the best deal for you, our client. The team have effective verbal and written communication skills, they are used to dealing with difficult situations and different types of suppliers.

When negotiating venue contracts some key things which we will consider are:

  •      Pricing – are we getting the best deal? Can we get further discounts if we book a repeat or series of events?
  •          Added Value – it is not just the price that is important, many venues will provided added value items that are complimentary but in monetary terms could save ££’s – bacon butties on arrival for instance, or a drinks reception before the dinner.
  •          Flexibility – what if you need to postpone the event for a genuine reason, can you do so without additional charges or penalty
  •          Other events – this is particular valid if you are booking an event in a sporting stadium as some matches may be arranged last minute, what happens to your event in this situation and how can you minimise the impact.
  •          Competitors – you do not want to hold your event in a venue where your biggest competitor is having theirs at the same time. Clauses can be included to make sure the venue don’t book any competing businesses over the same dates, and alert us to any enquiries that they receive
  •          Cancellation & Attrition – we will review the attrition details especially if it is an external audience attending and make sure that the minimum numbers are realistic from the outset.
  •         Safety – what happens if there is a terrorist attack in the location, can you postpone or rearrange the event in a sister property elsewhere?

One other thing to consider is Event Insurance, many aspects that could affect your event can be covered by specific insurance. For instance poor weather could result in fewer people attending the event; your keynote speaker and main draw for the conference could be ill, leaving many people demanding a refund; a train strike could result in chaos for a city location again reducing attendance. So whilst negotiating your contracts don’t forget to investigate the possibility of insuring your event too – it could save you 100’s of £’s and give you the peace of mind you need when booking.

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