International Day of Happiness

We all know that events can have long and unsociable hours and long periods away from home coupled with the fact that an event organiser is considered to be the 5th most stressful job that anyone can do. It is therefore imperative that we do all we can to recreate some balance in the workplace and make sure our staff our happy.

If you follow us on social media you will see that we believe happy staff make happy customers, in the past few weeks we have delivered over 120 events all of which have had incredible feedback from our clients, but also and perhaps more importantly from the delegates and public that we were working for. We truly don’t believe that this would have happened had we had an unhappy and disgruntled team. We are very proud and inspired by the positive enthusiasm that our team give us on a daily basis, they really are a very happy bunch!

For us, making sure we provide a happy workplace is crucial to our success as a company. Here are just some examples of how we ensure we implement this:

Corporate Social Responsibility
This is completely in the hands of the team; they make the decisions not the Directors. Every employee gets 2 paid CSR days a year and on top of this we have allocated team days to help the local community. Whether we all work together on a project chosen by the team, or everyone does their individual projects is entirely up to them. They are also free to implement other ideas for instance one of our team is currently pulling together an idea to support local schools by giving students the opportunity to have work experience, and also interview practice with us. This is support that she feels was sorely lacking when she decided her career path.

Flexible working
Wherever possible we promote flexible working to create a work life balance. Long days and weekends are returned as lieu time and added to annual holiday allowances. Working a full week on-site means shorter Fridays when back in the office. Of course, we also support applications for part time working too.  However, I do admit getting some of our staff to leave the office at the end of the day is difficult and we are looking at ways to enforce that and make sure they don’t respond to emails out of work hours!

We understand that everyone works differently and have their own methods to deliver events successfully. We welcome this and are pleased that staff take the initiative and deliver events in their own way. As long as they follow the guidelines and systems we have in place to make sure the clients guidelines and of course legislative processes are covered, how they get the end result is up to them. We relish the fact that our staff are happy to suggest and question methods which means we are constantly changing and refreshing how we do things. This promotes innovation and a culture of empowerment.

We hold twice weekly ‘huddles’ giving everyone in the team an opportunity to discuss their to do list including evaluating the last few days and also looking at the week ahead, meaning we all know what each other is working on and whether anyone else is able to relieve any pressures. It also promotes open discussion and a great way for the team to communicate.

A recent recruitment drive has seen us focus on the personality rather than the skill set; we want positive, creative people that are excited to contribute and drive the business forward. They may not have delivered corporate events before but we can teach them that. Having a motivated person in the workplace that fits with us as a team is far more important for us.

Never work on your birthday
Well that’s a simple one!

Having recently worked with the renowned Henry Stewart, from Happy Ltd. We are keen to do more – so please watch this space for more updates. However, in the meantime and fitting as it is International Day of Happiness we are announcing a new initiative, and giving one team member a new role: Chief Happiness Officer. This is a role which will be rotated around the team on a quarterly basis. During their tenure they will be given a budget to support any activities they wish to implement; their only goal is to make the team even happier and they can do that in any way that they choose.  We are delighted and it is very fitting that our first CHO is Meg, we look forward to seeing what she does!



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