International Day of Charities

As today is the International Day of Charities, we thought it’d be a good idea to share some team building activities that are great for employees and help out charities at the same time!

MINI GOLF – The group will be put into teams and given multiple canned foods (the more each team has, the better they can create!), the teams will then be given a certain amount of time to create a mini golf hole for themselves and the other teams to use in a mini golf tournament. Teams will get points for the most creative hole as well as getting the best scores throughout the tournament! Once the game has finished, the canned food is donated to a local food bank.

BUILD-A-BIKE or PERFORMANCE WHEELCHAIR – Teams will have to build a bike (or performance wheelchair) by completing riddles / mini challenges to earn their supplies. They will have to try and complete all challenges as quickly as possible as they will be racing against the other teams to have a finished bike/wheelchair. The first team to complete the build wins. Once the challenge has finished and the bikes/wheelchairs have been checked over by professionals, they can be donated to charities such as Barnardo’s or Action for Children.

GAME SHOW – Each team chooses a charity that they will play for, they will have to answer questions and complete mini challenges to win items. Once the ‘game show’ finishes the team with the most items/money wins! The items won by each team will then go to the chosen charities.

SCAVENGER HUNT – Teams will be given a map/iPad and will have to answer riddles and figure out clues to find all the treasure… which are all items to be donated to charity once the hunt has finished. The team with the most items at the end of the hunt wins! Items can vary from toys, books, toiletries, makeup, clothes, sleeping bags, tents, etc. It all depends on which charity you’d like to support as to which items you use (this is the same for the ‘GAME SHOW’).

BAKE OFF – Teams are provided with a selection of ingredients to bake a dessert; they are then given a time limit to cook and present the dessert. The food can then be taken to a care home and the residents can vote on their favourites! The dessert with the most votes wins.

FUN HOUSE – This challenge is a creative activity that lets the teams express their creativity, by building and painting a children’s playhouse. Once the houses have been built and decorated they will be delivered to the NSPCC Neglect Programme or another chosen charity.

The above activities incorporate key elements to deliver team performance including, allocation of roles, trust, setting objectives, time management, committing to the plan and implementation leading to higher levels of performance.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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