Event Communication

All events contribute to growing your brand in some way. By their very nature, events interact with your audiences, influencing their perception of you. Events that actively focus on growing your brand can add real value to your strategic marketing. These types of events work alongside communications and PR strategies and allow your brand to take centre stage, basking in limelight.

Our inhouse technologies enable us to create fully branded and truly customizable websites (see delegate management) and event apps to streamline the entire event perspective from registration through to the post event evaluation and all the stages in between.

Event apps maximise attendee engagement and put the event information at the delegates finger tips – literally! Providing a unique blend of information, engagement and interactive features they are a key tool in the delivery and success of the event.

Some key features include:

For delegates:

  • Create personalized schedules
  • Discover nearby attendees for networking and collaboration
  • Book meetings
  • Review their event journey
  • Download abstracts, speaker notes, presentations
  • Interact and engage with live polls and voting

For the organiser:

  • Easily update and engage with the audience
  • Generate additional revenue with sponsorship and banner opportunities
  • Set up iBeacons to provide location tracking in the event space
  • Advanced reporting provides a detailed insight into the performance of the event
  • Improve ROI

Using these tools we can create fully integrated marketing campaigns that enhance and promote your events. Once we have clarified the brief and defined the strategy our technology allows for the following in relation to your marketing:

  • Configure and design email promotion campaign
  • Track your attendee generation campaigns to make sure they are working
  • Provides new revenue opportunities from sponsorship and banner inclusions
  • Schedule eshots, newsletters, offers and so on
  • Keep delegates up to date pre-event with all dynamic communications but also on-site with newsletters highlighting key moments & what not to miss, personalized reminders and push notifications
  • Post event surveys
  • Click through reports to measure the success of the campaign
  • All activities are GDPR compliant
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