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Looking after your delegates is intrinsically bound with the overall success of the event. Their journey from initial invitation, their time at the event through to the post event evaluation needs to be a smooth, engaging, personalised experience, that creates a buzz, builds the anticipation and lives up to the hype. Your delegates need to feel valued and part of the plan throughout in order to drive business success and build your brand.

Delegate management is one of our favourite parts of any event, whether we are doing most of the communication with them via the website or event app, or indeed we have registered 2500 by telephone over 3 days we make the experience a personalised one. We recognise they are individuals with their own requirements and priorities.

With any event so much time is spent laboriously checking lists, sending emails, organising table plans, printing badges and collating the information and doing it manually is a precarious task! We therefore use our online platform to build event specific booking engines, microsites and event apps that save huge resource in both time and money. (see Event Communication)

Our registration portal and event apps are fully branded to your requirements, and provide the delegate with all of the information that they require. They can be as simple or as involved as you choose. The basics though enable:

  • delegates to register or decline attendance
  • delegates to book their accommodation and travel
  • delegates to advise any dietary requirements or DDA needs
  • delegates to personalize their experience choosing meals, selecting workshops, choosing activities
  • delegates to create their own badge names

Our service is discreet and we work hard to create a personalised experience for the individual whilst making sure budgets, travel policy and needs are adhered to. Of course all of the information we harness is in line with data protection requirements and allows us to create easy, working documentation for all aspects of the event.

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